Civil Training and Services Defence and Security

A world-leading provider of aviation training services, CAE operates a global training network of more than 110 full-flight simulators in more than 20 facilities, serving approximately 3,500 airlines, aircraft operators and manufacturers across the globe. more >>

CAE is a global leader in the design of sophisticated military training systems and the provision of turnkey training services. CAE has supplied the defence forces of more than 30 nations with military training systems and services. more >>

Simulation Products CAE Professionnal Services

Pilots around the world regard our simulation as the closest thing to the true experience of flight. We deliver breakthrough visual realism, precise cockpit replication, high-fidelity avionics simulation and flight and ground-handling characteristics indistinguishable from the aircraft. more >>

CAE Professional Services is a global services organization committed to helping customers optimize the use of user-centred, simulation-based analysis, design and experimentation to support the entire capability lifecycle... more >>

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